Review – Omnichannel Machine by Matt Clark

Welcome to my review. What exactly is all about? At first impression, you might have guessed that it’s all about a business course called Amazing Selling Machine. And I guessed it too initially.

But when I watched the sales video, I learned that the founder Matt Clark is talking about a new business course called The Omnichannel Machine. And it’s not entirely focused on the Amazon FBA business model.

Is Matt Clark’s new business program a scam? More importantly, is it the right business course for you?

In today’s review I am going to show you what Matt is offering in his new course, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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Who Is The Founder Of or the Amazing Selling Machine?

Matt Clark is the founder. According to the official website, Matt made a staggering $30 million from a “single ugly page utilizing the Shopify platform.”

Who is the founder of Matt Clark is the founder of

Matt believes that the opportunity to thrive in eCommerce is bigger now than ever before. However, the Amazon FBA model which is what he originally taught, is now not a very good business model.

So, the aim of his new business model, just like with Amazing Selling Machine(ASM) is to help people “achieve financial freedom.”

To understand how different the new program is from ASM, I will briefly cover what Matt was originally teaching in ASM- namely AMAZON FBA.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is an eCommerce business model whereby you would utilize Amazon services to fulfill your orders.

As a business owner, you send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers.

When a customer places an order for one of your products, Amazon will pick, pack and ship the order.

They also provide customer service and process returns on your behalf.

This is the business model that you will be learning inside of the Amazing Selling Machine Course. The program was a success as Matt helped over 35 000 people build their Amazon FBA businesses.

But it’s time for a change.

Now let’s see what Matt is teaching in his new course.

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What Is The Omnichannel Machine All About?

Matt believes that the way folks built eCommerce businesses years ago is ineffective and cannot be used in today’s time.

Selling the same low-quality products using low-quality keywords to the same customers on the same platform such as Amazon is the old way of doing things.

When it came to doing and teaching Amazon FBA, he realized that presently everybody is teaching the same thing. Some of the familiar concepts he used and taught are :

  • Optimizing keywords to list products on Amazon,
  • Adding bonuses to products
  • Optimizing descriptions
  • Adding better images to improve CTR

And all of this stuff he believes is now the old-school ways of doing things.

Fast forward to 2022, Matt strongly believes that – that very system is broken.

What is changed in Today’s Time?

According to Matt, today there are thousands of Chinese sellers which are recruited by Amazon who are all competing with you for the same product or keyword and ultimately customers.

Not only has it become very competitive, but also expensive too, especially if you were to do your business using paid advertising. In addition, Matt believes that newcomers are also faced with competitors bashing their business with negative reviews and review manipulation.

As result, it makes it harder to make money with Amazon this way, but that has not stopped the growth of the eCommerce business model.

Introducing a New WAY to do business with eCommerce: The Omnichannel Machine

So Matt teamed up with the main affiliate manager at Shopify. He learned from this guy that some eCommerce stores were doing up to 100 million dollar worth of sales a year!

They created good and attractive products and were using social media platforms to drive millions of sales to their store, where they control(and not a third party such as Amazon) the whole process.

In 2019, Matt decided to give this new model a try and partnered up with a friend of his(picture below). review Matt and his friend trying out the new ecommerce business model in 2019

The case study was done on a coffee company called “LifeBoost.”

In January 2019, they did $17 000 worth of sales. By the end of the year, they did $569 000 worth of sales in December alone.

According to Matt in the present day, their business turns over $2.5M in sales with 90% on Shopify and 10% on Amazon.

It seems like a staggering amount in such a short time, but Matt shows proof that the company was listed on the Inc 500 List of fastest growing companies three times in a row! review Inc 500 List of fastest growing company

The Omnichannel Machine is a full custom-tailored program to help anyone create massive success with an eCommerce business. Depending on where you are with your online journey, Matt and his team will tailor a plan to help you get started with your eCommerce business.

It consists of online training and proven templates, a checklist, a Private Facebook group, and live group calls with the team.

You also have a standby eCommerce expert to assist you on a one-to-one basis. As for resources they provide you with their landing page funnels, upsell flows, and e-mail swipes for your Autoresponder sequences.

How Can You Make Money With

The secret formula to Matt’s Success is centered around 3 simple steps:

  • Step One: Choose the right product(highly competitive products with a big market)
  • Step Two: Build a Simple Landing Page
  • Step Three: Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

Choosing a Unique Product

The key is making sure that the product that you are selling whilst being highly competitive is also differentiated. Like his coffee products which are branded to a specific demographic.

Another example he gave was “dude wipes took a generic product -bathroom wipes, and then targeted the packaging and branding to a specific market, namely MEN.” According to Matt, this company made 90 million dollars in sales.

Using a Landing Page

As for the landing page, it’s connected to your Shopify store. The landing page is where you send people and generate most of your sales. The purpose of the page is to list every feature and benefit the product or service offers to your customers.

The idea of the landing page is to give them every reason to buy.

And I personally agree with the importance of a landing page. You have more control over what content goes onto the page, and nobody can discredit you or what you are marketing– basically, you are free from competitors writing negative reviews or tarnishing your reputation.

It also builds a great opportunity for your customer to get to know you a bit better. It helps to build trust and credibility.

Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

And the last step is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube to drive traffic to your landing page.

How Much Does The Omnichannel Machine Cost?

It’s hard to say. Since this is a custom-tailored course, the cost would depend on which stage in your entrepreneurial journey you are at.

Do you need help with everything from the word go? or, are you familiar with the E-commerce business but need help with setting up your landing page? Perhaps you are at a stage where you only need to learn how to get traffic to your store. review book a strategy call with Matt and his team
You have to book a strategy call with Matt and his team

That is the reason why Matt and his team want you to book a strategy call to see how they can help you. The call should last no longer than 45 minutes.

In my opinion, I believe that the course will not be cheap. Amazing Selling Machine had a price tag of $5,000.

And here are some independent reviews that I found that confirm the course is expensive.

Are People Happy With review here are some testimonials which show that the course is expensive reviews shows that folks are not happy with the program

Pros Of Amazing Selling Machine

  1. There is owner transparency

2. They have been around for a long time

3. You are learning to build your OWN online business independent of using the Amazon platform

4. You get mentorship and access to a Private Facebook group

Cons Of Amazing Selling Machine

1. It’s expensive

2. You have no idea what their prices are until you book a strategy call

3. You have to liaise with the customers(e.g customer support and process returns if necessary)

Is a Scam? My Personal Opinion

I would not say that is a scam. However, I am on the fence about whether or not to recommend the course to anyone.

I like the fact that Matt wants to help you build an eCommerce store that does not depend on Amazon’s customers.

And once your brand is built, it becomes easier to sell on third-party sites such as Amazon.

I would have liked to see more transparency. No details on the pricing, the refund policy, or even a glimpse as to what the inside of the course or Private Facebook groups looks like.

Is The Omnichannel Machine the right course for you?

To answer that question you have to decide for yourself. Do you see yourself doing the eCommerce business?

With an eCommerce business, you would need to spend money on products. That can become expensive.

In addition, you would need to make sure that your customers are kept happy. In this case, there is no Amazon to follow up with your customer and process returns. That job is all yours!

Do you see yourself spending money on products, researching and coming up with trending products, and dealing with customers?

If it all sounds exciting to you, then perhaps you can give The Omnichannel Machine a go!

If you want to have a business where you do not have to liaise with customers or spend any money on products, and it will cost you much less to get the educational training, then read further on…

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Thanks so much for joining me on this review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



4 thoughts on “ Review – Omnichannel Machine by Matt Clark”

  1. Thank you so much for this review over Amazing.  I think that the worst thing this has is the price tag.  That’s a lot of money, and a lot of people cannot afford it.  Do you know if that is due all at once or can you make payments over it over a period of time?  It’s hard to come up with something around 5000!

  2. I signed up for the DTC omnichannel accelerated 6 months course. I chose the 3 payments option. Before signing up, I was guaranteed my money back I do not achieve the result they are claiming. Fast forward, I followed all the webimars and the 3 weekly zoom meetings. I followed the recommendations and did $0 in sale. I then contacted their customers service and directly the affiliate who sold me the course. The affiliate just stopped answering my messages, but told me someone will get in touch with me. Suddenly, because I am claiming the guarantee, the customers service representative informed me that the “money back guarantee” was offered in September and Ocotber, but sadly I signed up using Novemenr. How convenient.
    During the course, I even had issue making adds on Facebool, someone was supposed to help me out, but it never happened.
    I am really disappointed in the way they handle customers issues and to no following on their guarantee.
    The money invested compared to the course content is not worth it, in my experience.
    They need more info on social media advertising.
    Here I am with inventory at a fulfillment centre I am still paying for and the AMAZING omnichannel refusing to follow through their guarantee. A shame.

    • Hi Esther
      I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I really hope that someone from their customer support would get back to you. It’s sad that you went ahead and trusted them, and they turned their back on you.



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