How I Built A Website Using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteBuilder

Would you like to have a website framework without having to do any coding? If so, I am going to show you how I built a website framework using Wealthy Affiliate’s site builder.

The process is so quick that in under a minute you will have a website framework all launched. It has never been this easy to start owning your first piece of internet real estate.

Will this new Wealthy Affiliate website be any good?

Absolutely, whether it’s on a free sub-domain, or built on a domain name that you own, it has the power to rank on Google and other search engines.

Of course, ranking will not appear overnight, and you would need to learn how to create content that Google will rank. And Wealthy Affiliate can help out with teaching you that too. I will talk a little about that today as well.

But for now, let me show you how I went about building a website with Wealthy Affiliate.


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The platform that I used to build my website at Wealthy Affiliate, is called SiteRubix. They have integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Sitebuilder all About

By using this platform, I found the process of building a website easy, and fun, as you will see as well.

By the way, Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that caters to both beginners and experienced marketers. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 18 years, and they have helped over 2 million people start building an online business. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

The unique feature of Wealthy Affiliate is their one of a kind interactive community. It’s not like your usual FaceBook groups. They have a live chat that goes on 24 hours a day, and folks are helping each other out, sharing motivating stories and blogging about their success hits within the platform.

So, the SiteRubix builder is key to helping the WA members to get started on building the website, a first step of the foundation to online success.

The first thing that you need to do, is within the dashboard area, go to the tab that reads, “websites.”

How I Built A Website Using Wealthy Affiliate's Sitebuilder using the SiteBuilder

The next step is to simply scroll down to SiteBuilder.

After clicking on SiteBuilder, I was asked whether I would like to build my website on a free domain, a domain that I own, or if I would like to purchase a domain name.

As a starter Wealthy Affiliate member, you can test out the site builder using a WA assigned sub-domain.

I wrote an article on how you can go about finding really cool domain names using the Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains platform.

Irrespective of which option you choose, all Wealthy Affiliate website comes with:

  • Fast loading speeds
  • Cutting edge security
  • Real-time data back-up
  • Instant domain availability
  • Search engine optimization

The next part is pretty easy. Its the part where you have to choose a theme. They have over 1000 customizable themes.

I recommend the GeneratePress theme.

It as a clean theme,and it allows your site to load fast.These days,Google pays huge attention to mobile responsiveness,and mobile site loading.GeneratePress is a good way to get started,and Wealthy Affiliate has a free version that you can test out.

Once you are all done, you simply click on “build website.” In literally a few seconds ,my site was all up and ready to go!

Now, all I have to do going forward is to focus on writing engaging and helpful content.

That’s how easy it is to have a themed website built using Wealthy Affiliate’s Sitebuilder.

Can you build a website that ranks using the Wealthy Affiliate training?

ANSWER: Absolutely!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you white hat techniques to get your website ranked on search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

With SEO, you learn the process to get FREE and high-quality, organic traffic to your website.

They have a comprehensive training course consisting of 5 Modules to help you build a successful online business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Oec or online entrepreneur certification helps you to start building a solid foundation for your online business.

Here are the topics of each of the modules.

  • LEVEL ONE: Getting Started
  • LEVEL TWO: Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website
  • LEVEL THREE: Making Money!
  • LEVEL FOUR: Mastering Social Engagement
  • LEVEL FIVE: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

You can access the first level of the training(covering 5 core lessons) for FREE without needing a credit card.

Are you ready to start your journey to online entrepreneurship?

There are many different avenues to getting started with making money online.

You can do drop shipping and enter the eCommerce world. You can create your very own digital product,like an ebook or sell a course.

You can also create your very own mastermind if you have valuable experience to share with the world.

And lastly, you can do affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing all about

This is how I got started, I started with Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015.

You have seen how I built a website using the Wealthy Affiliate’s Sitebuilder. It’s time for you to give it a try.

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