How I Found Cool Domain Names Using SiteDomains at Wealthy Affiliate

Are you looking to buy a domain name? Or perhaps you want to buy a number of domain names and then sell them at a later stage?

Choosing the right domain name is like selecting the perfect storefront for your business in the ever-expanding digital marketplace. Did you know that the first-ever domain name registered was “” way back in 1985? A small piece of internet history right there!

Now, fast forward to the present. If you’re considering a domain for your online venture, you’re in for a treat!

Today, I am going to show you a simple process of acquiring domain names using Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Domains feature. I am also going to show you some cool domain names that I found, and if it’s still up for grabs, you can have them!

At the end of the day, it’s not just about claiming a digital address; it’s about claiming your space in the vast online landscape.

So let’s check it out!


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The big question is, “Why should you use Wealthy Affiliate when buying your domain name and not use the usual domain registrars?”

The fee you pay for your domain is fixed at Wealthy Affiliate every year upon renewal.

Other domain registrars typically increase their prices for domain renewals annually. This is due to various factors, including rising costs associated with domain management and ICANN fees.

In 2023, for instance, Namecheap announced a 9% increase for.COM domain renewals, effective October 4, 2023. This price increase is consistent with industry trends and applies to all registrars, not just Namecheap.

To avoid unexpected price increases, it’s advisable to renew your domain names early. Namecheap often offers discounts for early renewals, allowing you to lock in the current price for a longer period. Additionally, consider opting for multi-year renewals, which can further reduce the cost per year.

So, let’s get into the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and let me show how easy the whole process works.

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Sitedomains is a place where you can register and manage all of your domains.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Sitedomains all about

With the Wealthy Affiliate Sitedomains, you can access and purchase .com, .net, .org, .info, and all of your other favorite top-level domains in an instant.

To access the Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains, you would need to have a Wealthy Affiliate account.

Once you have one, simply go over to the tab that reads “websites” and then go down to “sitedomains.”

How to access the Wealthy Affiliate sitedomains in wealthy affiliate

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate and have registered many domain names with them.

How to buy your domain name using the easy to use Sitedomains at Wealthy Affiliate

In the top section, you can search for any name that comes to mind.

How I bought cool domain names from Wealthy Affiliate using their Sitedomains

It will tell you immediately whether or not the domains are still available and which other extensions of that domain are left. For instance, in the example above, I searched for “ExoticChristmasGifts.” As you can see, the .com version as well as the other versions are still available.

Once you find a domain you like, you simply add it to your cart, and at the checkout section, you can go ahead and buy that domain name.

It’s as simple as that!

The price you see for domain name will be the same price that you will renew it the following year and the next and so on.

All domains purchased through SiteDomains have privacy protection, protecting your personal details from spammers, scammers, solicitors and your competition

Here is a price comparison of other domain registrars and Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to buying domain names.

Wealthy Affiliate Sitedomains is cheaper compared to other domain services
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As promised, here are some cool domain names that I found using the Sitedomains. At the time of writing this post, these domains were still available.

Go ahead and grab them here.






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