Is Clickasnap a Scam? [Passive Income From Your Photos?]

Welcome to my Clickasnap review. Do you love taking photos? How would you like to get paid for these photos? Well, that is exactly what the Clickasnap business is all about.

Is Clickasnap a scam? Is it a worthwhile way for you to make money? I am going to show you exactly how Clickasnap works. It may sound easy, just upload a photo, and boom! you can make some quick money.

But there are drawbacks to using the Clickasnap platform. I am going to discuss them in this post so that you will have all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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What Is Clickasnap All About?

Clickasnap is a photo-sharing community. The platform allows its members to share their photos and earn from them.

According to the official Clickasnap website, it’s the one place where people can “share, manage and monetize their art.”

Clickasnap review what is Clickasnap all about

Why is Clickasnap different from other stock image sites?

Clickasnap believes that other photo-sharing sites are capitalizing on the photographer’s work and giving them a raw deal whilst they(the websites) make millions.

As a Clickasnap member, photographers have got more control over their photos. They can sell their photos as downloads, and physical prints, earn per view, and even have full licensing over their assets.

The mission of the Clickasnap company is to be the “world’s largest still image” company. Unlike other stock image sites, Clickasnap encourages members to engage with one another sharing photos, improving the photo views of everyone involved, earning money, and helping the company to grow at the same time.

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Is It Easy To Join Clickasnap?


All they need is your e-mail address and a secure password and you are good to go. Later on, you have to provide them with a PayPal e-mail so that you can get paid your commissions.

Can Anyone Join Clickasnap?

Yes, the cool part about Clickasnap is that it’s a worldwide opportunity. You can sign-up using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter credentials.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Clickasnap?

Is Clickasnap free?

Yes, they do have a free membership option. However, the features are minimal on this plan, and you get paid the lowest photo-viewing fee.

On the Clickasnap free plan, you get paid 0.10 cents per image view. You are allowed 20 uploads per day.

There are three additional paid membership plans that you can choose from.

Clickasnap review the different Clickasnap plans

Should you choose the yearly option, you can get these plans at a discount.

The yearly discounted fees are as follows:

  • Upload (1.67 pounds per month, 0.7cents per view, unlimited downloads) —–$20 annually
  • Seller (3.33 pounds per month, 0.8cents per view, unlimited downloads, sell photos as products, offer free digital downloads)—–$40 annually
  • Pro (5.00 pounds per month, unlimited downloads, photos featured on the front page and marketplace, add Google analytics, and unlimited cloud storage)——-$60 annually

How Much Money Can You Make On Clickasnap?

That depends on two things, the membership plan you are on, and how active you are with sharing your images.

As you can see from the plans above, it’s pointless to remain a free member. Your earning potential is really low.

With the Seller and the Pro membership, you increase the chances of earning more with your photos. Not only can you earn per photo view, but with the ‘SELLER ‘ option you have reselling rights over your images.

Your photos will also be placed on the first page of the marketplace, which can improve the chances of it being viewed more.

Remember though in order to qualify for a successful view, your photos must be viewed for a period of 5 seconds or longer!

The second way you can improve the number of views of your photos is to build a following. In other words, be interactive with other members, participate in their forums, and get other members to share your images.

The amount of money that one can earn would vary from person to person. One thing that is certain is that if you are on the paid plan, you have to get tons of views in order to break even.

You only will earn 0.009 per view of your photo. They have a payment threshold of $15. For you to get to that threshold your photo needs to get at least 1666 views. That means that your photo has to work really hard.

Can You Upload Any Photo To Clickasnap?

To earn views and money with your photo, it needs to meet certain requirements set out by Clickasnap.

Here are their conditions:

  • The view must last 5 seconds long
  • The image must be in focus
  • The image must be created organically and not by BOTS
  • The view must not be a result of Click Circles (two or more individuals viewing one another’s images, with the specific intent of creating paid views to ensure mutual returns, rather than viewing images based on the merit value of the imagery.)

Are People Happy With Using Clickasnap?

Unfortunately, there are no testimonials or proof of earnings on the official website.

On a third-party review site such as Trustpilot, Clickasnap scored a decent rating of 3.4 out of five stars. 66% of these ratings were 5-star ratings.

Clickasnap review are people happy with Clickasnap. This is the Clickasnap trustpilot review site

Let’s face it no company exists with a certain amount of flaws. Not even my nr.1 recommended business training platform is perfect, but it helps 2 million people build their own online businesses.

Coming back to Clickasnap, here are some of the common complaints:

  • Failed to deliver payments to members
  • Folks claimed that the site was not operating properly
  • Poor user experience
  • Accounts were deleted, but photos still remained on the site

With all being said, I noticed that the support at Clickasnap took the time to respond to some of the negative queries. That is a thumbs-up in my books.

Pros of ClickaSnap

(1) Worldwide opportunity

(2) They accept Paypal

(3) Offer feedback on customer complaints

Cons of ClickaSnap

(1) Have to pay to earn

(2) Low pay per views

(3) Have to work really hard to get views

(4) No social media details on their website

(5) Strict terms and conditions on the photos that you upload

How Does Clickasnap Make Money?

You might guess that they make it from your investment in one of their membership plans. And that is true, but that is only ONE source that Clickasnap makes money from your photos.

According to their terms and conditions, they will monetize the image through “advertisement revenue.”

It’s a bit unclear as to what it all means.

I understand it to mean that your photo will be used in some marketing or advertising campaign for which Clickasnap makes a cut. And they split this cut with you depending on the number of views your image makes.

Is Clickasnap a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Clickasnap is not a scam. It is a legit platform that allows one to earn from sharing their photos. Their support team is responsive. They got fairly good ratings from members.

Is Clickasnap the right business opportunity for you?

It is evident that you need TIME to earn money from your photos. Time to build that following. After all, with a strong following, your photos will get more views, and you earn more money.

I like the idea that there is the possibility of earning a passive income. However, it’s not a platform where you can build a lucrative passive income business that will allow you to leave your 9-5, or spend on a family vacation.

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Bottom Line: Clickasnap is for folks who are passionate about photography, and have TIME to invest in building a following to get photo views. It’s okay for people looking to earn a few dollars on the side, but not for people wanting to build a sustainable income.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Clickasnap review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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