VeloVita Review- Is Velovita a scam?

Welcome to my Velovita review. Is Velovita a scam or is it a legit business opportunity? Are you tired of working for somebody else? Tired of grinding that 9-5 making someone else rich and helping them build their dreams?

You finally had enough, and you now want to take matters into your hands. You want to start your own business. You want to have TIME and FINANCIAL freedom. And that’s why you are thinking of joining the Velovita business opportunity.

Maybe someone invited you to check out the company. Or you may have come across it on social media. Whatever the case is, you are here because you want to know if Velovita is legit.

Today, I am going to show you what their business opportunity is all about. I will also reveal why it’s not a TRUE global business opportunity as to what they market it out to be. Most importantly, I will show what is required of you, should you want to become a success with the company.

Basically, at the end of this review, you will know whether or not Velovita is the right business opportunity for you.

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Name:  Velovita MLM Business
 From $49.95 to $1,299
 Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack

Overall Rank: 5.0 out of 10

Who Are Founders of VeloVita?

The Velovita Official Youtube channel has around 1200 subscribers. Unfortunately, I could not find any video with the founders involved.

Nevertheless, their official website does have a fair amount of information about the founders as well as the supporting team members of the company.

Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack are the two founders of the Velovita company. According to LinkedIn, Kosta holds an Engineering degree.

Velovita review who are the founders of velovita mlm

From 1998, Kosta served as a manager of various companies. He partnered up with his best friend to start a company in 2007 that recently crossed 500 million in sales and is still going strong 13 years later.

Jeff Mack has two decades of experience dealing with multi-level marketing companies. He also achieved the rank of being one of the top earners in 3 different direct sales companies.

Their mission is to give others the opportunity to build their own successful online businesses. They believe that time is limited on earth and that one should spend it to build and live their own dreams.

What is Velovita All About?

The Velovita company is fairly new. It came into operation in 2019. The company is headquartered in Florida and according to the founders they are debt-free.

The company operates on a direct selling model. That means that they depend on their members to promote the product line.

The main products are nanoceuticals. The focus of these products is to fuel the brain thereby feeding the mind.

The founders believe that their products are unique and it gives the members a unique opportunity to build a flourishing business.

Let’s take a closer at their product portfolio.

The Velovita Products

It not surprising that since the company is new, they do not have an extensive product portfolio. In fact, they have just 4 flagship products.

The Velovita products have a limited product range

The main areas in which the products are supposed to work on are :

  • Mental Boost
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Energy and Vitality, and
  • Dietary Supplement

The Bran Velovita Product

This product is intended to give one that energy boost and help to clear away brain fog. It also was supposed to enhance one’s mood.

The Zlem Velovita Product

Designed to act as a natural sleeping aid.

The Uuth Time Reverser Velovita Product

A super berry dietary supplement that is supposed to make you feel vibrant and make you look on top of the world.

The Plos Thermos Velovita Product

This is a creamer that you add to your coffee that was supposed to help with “your fitness and body composition goals.”

The products come in single serving “snap” sachets. You simply fold the sachet and it will allow you to drink the contents from the folded section.

Are The Velovita Products Safe?

There are reviews on the official Velovita website that support the positive benefits of taking Velvovita supplements.

On the flip side, I found some users who found the taste of the products to be absolutely horrible. The screenshot below was on a Youtube channel. The user was referring to Bran and Zlem products.

How bad do the velovita products actually taste

But the big question is, are the Velovita products safe? Let’s face it the taste might be bad, but if it works and if it’s safe, then it might be worth it, right?

The main problem with Nanoceutical products is that they are unregulated. And like all dietary supplements that are introduced to the market, they have little or no evidence of safety or efficacy.

An Article was written by William Schultz and Lisa Barclay, authors of A Hard Pill to Swallow: Barriers to Effective FDA Regulation of Nanotechnology-Based Dietary Supplements. They believe that whilst these sorts of products have the ability to sort the problem, it does not come without risk.

Are Velovita Products Approved By The FDA?

No, they are not.

As such they have the usual disclaimer on their website. It means that you take the products at your risk. If you have a medical condition, then you need to first consult with a doctor before you use them.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to grow an MLM business in a health niche. I will elaborate on this shortly. Let’s first see how one can make money with the Velovita business.

How To Make Money With Velovita – The Velovita Compensation Plan

You can choose to sign-up as a member or as an apprentice. It cost $49.95 to join either way. The difference is that as a member, you do not have to purchase any products, and you cannot earn a 10% referral bonus when a member joins your team.

As tools to promote your business, you do get a replicated website where you can earn retail profits from anyone who buys from your store.

There are five ranks within the company :

  • Member
  • Apprentice – BV 100
  • Promoter – BV 200
  • Influencer – BV 400
  • Ambassador – BV 800

From the second level onward, you would have to register for their V-Fill PROGRAM. It’s an autoship facility where you are required to purchase a minimum amount of products.

By doing this, you would maintain a steady BV(business volume) to be an active member and be eligible to earn commissions from your downline.

You can upgrade to the level which suits your budget. Take a look at what their price points are.

Promoter Level $324.75

On this level, you need to make 180 BV. You get 5 boxes of product, plus 1 free bonus box!

Influencer Level $649.50

As an Influencer in the company, you need to maintain a BV of 360. Here you get 10 boxes of products, plus 2 free bonus boxes.

Ambassador Level $1,299.00

Maintain a BV of 720 on this level.

The Velovita Binary Tree Compensation Plan

As you recruit new members to the company, they are allocated to either the left or right side of your ‘binary tree.’

From this binary tree, you can earn REFERRAL bonuses. These are bonuses that are paid out to new members that join the team.

You also can earn TEAM COMMISSION BONUSES. This is worked out on the total volume of your organization. And they usually look at the lesser leg when paying out the bonus.

They have a Royalty Matching bonus. It pays you for developing successful Associates on your team, regardless of which leg of your team they are placed. It works seven levels deep.

Velovita Royalty Matching Bonus works 7 levels deep.

Lifestyle Bonus – Upon qualifying for the Referral and Matching Bonuses, you can start receiving the Lifestyle bonus. This allows you to earn a paycheck every week.

  • Star $125
  • All Star $250
  • Rock Star $500
  • Super Star $1250
  • V-Star $2,500

The Velovita Company also offers Leadership qualifications and quarterly partnership bonuses to their high earners.

Bottom Line: The More You Focus On Building Your Downline, and Get Your Downline To Do The Same, The More You Can Earn

The Pros of Velovita

  • They have real owners
  • They are in a popular niche

The Cons of VeloVita

  • They do not operate worldwide
The Velovita business is operational only in certain countries
The Velovita Business is operational only in certain countries
  • No income disclosure on their website
  • The company is still new future is uncertain
  • They have expensive membership packages
  • You have to recruit to earn the higher paychecks

Is Velovita a Scam? My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, Velovita is not a scam as they have owner transparency.

Should you join Velovita? Is the Velovita business opportunity for you?

The fact is that they have a very small product portfolio. And they are in the health niche. The health and wellness niche is a very competitive one.

If you want to stand out and earn higher paychecks, then you would need to do more than just market the products to family and friends.

And this is the main reason why I said earlier that it will be a tough job on your part. They only give you a replicated website. In my opinion, it’s not enough.

They need to offer some marketing training that will help you grow your business. If you are a newbie, this is essential to build a solid foundation. Sadly, no such training is offered.

Also know that if you want to build an empire, then your downline needs to be experienced in marketing and motivated like yourself to grow a powerful team. This is something you have no control over.

In other words, you do not have FULL CONTROL when it comes to building an MLM business.

To conclude, if you have sales and marketing experience, then perhaps the Velovita business is for you.

If on the other hand, you do not like recruiting and have no experience with any marketing, then check out my NR.1 Recommendation here.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Velovita review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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  1. I can’t believe these kinds of companies are still around. I wouldn’t join it because it’s only a matter of time before somebody sues them and they get in trouble with the courts. It sounds like they are similar to Herbalife for their business model. And Herbalife was known for targeting low-income communities and playing on their poverty telling them they were the way out.

    Herbalife got hit by the courts hard too. They had products to sell, but they weren’t how you made money. You make a little here and there, but it was in the recruiting where the cashola was. I am glad of your recommendation for something better because this Velovita doesn’t sound like the answer.


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