Ulix7 Review – Another Crypto-MLM Ponzi?

Welcome to this Ulix7 review. Thinking of getting into the crypto-trading world? Would you like to make DAILY profits doing online trading without any risks? Then you might be considering signing up to the Ulix7 Crypto-MLM platform.

Is Ulix7 a scam, or is it a legit business opportunity?

Many online Crypto-MLMs promise passive income returns just by purchasing one of the product packages. It surely sounds like an enticing offer, and with Ulix7 they claim that it’s a risk-free investment opportunity.

I am going to show you that there is indeed a risk and reveal some findings of Ulix7 that might make you reconsider joining this business venture.

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What Is Ulix7 All About?

Ulix7 is an investment platform that sells cryptocurrency plans to its members. These packages offer a passive income return on one’s investment amount.

According to the official Ulix7 website, the company has a team of experienced traders, and analysts that have been doing online crypto trading for years!

The founders are so confident of their winning formula that they can help you to increase your capital and create a decent life for yourself.

Ulix7 review what is ulix7 all about

Some bold claims…

Let’s see what their business proposal is all about.

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How To Make Money With Ulix7?

There are two main ways you can make money with Ulix7.

The first is from buying an investment package and earning interest over time from it. The second way is to recruit members into the Ulix7 program and earn a percentage from your referrals investment.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Ulix7? The Ulix7 Packages

There are 3 different investment packages that you can choose to buy into. It starts from $25 and goes all the way up to $150 000.

The three investment packages are as follows:

Ulix7 review the various membership packages
  • A-1 [from $25 up to $150 000] Total ROI = 122.5% Over 15 Days.
  • B-2 [from $1000 up to $150 000] Total ROI = 130% Over 15 Days.
  • C-3 [from $5000 up to $150 000]Total ROI = 145% Over 15 Days.

After the 15-day run, you can choose to re-invest for another cycle.

All payments are to be made in Cryptocurrency.

The Ulix7 Compensation Plan- How Much Money Can You Make?

You can earn referral commissions on personally recruited affiliates. It all depends on which level you are on as a Ulix7 member.

There are five affiliate ranks within the company. These are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Progressive
  • Master
  • VIP
  • President

On each of these levels, you can referral commissions that goes 4 levels deep. For instance, if you are on the standard level, you can earn 7% on your direct referrals, level one. On level two, you can earn 3%, and 1% on levels three and four.

I have summarized the other levels in the table below :

Rank LevelCommission Payout
Standard 7% -Direct referrals(L1), 3%(L2),1%(L3 + L4)
Progressive8%-Direct referrals(L1), 3%(L2), 1%(L3 + L4)
Master10%-Direct referrals(L1),3%(L2), 1%(L3 + L4)
VIP 11%-Direct referrals(L1),3%(L2), 1%(L3 + L4)
President12%-Direct referrals(L1),3%(L2), 1%(L3 + L4)

To summarize, you can earn a passive income from buying one of the three investment packages. Or, you can focus on recruiting people into the scheme.

It sounds pretty straightforward. Now it’s time, I reveal some red flags about the ULIX7 business.

Red Flags Of Ulix7

Red Flag. Nr.1 : No Demo Account/Software

They claim that you can earn a residual income from their online trading platform. What is this mystery training platform that can guarantee daily profits?

Your guess is as good as mine.

If there really was such a system, why not show it to potential members? It will boost credibility, and get people signing up by the boatloads.

Red Flag Nr.2: Lies About The Company Existence

According to the official Ulix7 Youtube channel, Ulix7 was actually established back in 2012.

Ulix7 review one of the red flags is that they are lieing about the companies existence

That is a lie!

The domain name for Ulix7 was only created this year. The exact date is 22-07-2023.

Ulix7 review. The Ulix7 domain name was only registered this year in 2023

Red Flag Nr.3: No Real Owner

One of the team members of the company is a gentleman by the name of William Grant. Apparently, he is the financial director of the company.

Ulix7 review there is no real owner to the ulix7 company

It turns out, that this gentleman’s photo has been used by scammers across various social media sites. According to datingscammer.com, his photo was used by African scammers on both social sites and dating websites.

Ulix7 review of the financial directors of the company is not real. His photo is been sued without his authority on various social media sites and dating sites

Is Ulix7 A Ponzi Scheme? My Personal Opinion

Ulix7 promises a passive income return to its investors. There is no evidence to back that company is generating any revenue.

They do not show you the trading system, if any, that they are using to generate these returns. Furthermore, the company is unable to show any operating funds coming in except from membership investments.

As a refresher, here is the definition of the Ponzi scheme according to Wiki“is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

Once members stop joining the scheme, eventually money will stop rolling in, and the scheme will collapse.

Furthermore, they are operating as an MLM and if they claim to offer a passive income return, it constitutes a securities offering. As such, the company needs to be regulated by the necessary authorities.

As we speak, they have no such regulation.

It sounds enticing to earn a 3% Daily return on your investment. However, if they could make this kind of money with ease, why ask for your money in the first place?

Remember, all investments take place using Crypto. It is hard, if not impossible to get your money refunded if you want to pull out.

I would recommend one to stay away from this business opportunity.

There are many Crypto-MLMs doing the rounds. I have written about some of them like TafabotVortic United, and Novatech FX.


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Thanks so much for joining me on this Ulix7 Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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    I have indeed decided to steer clear of this Crypto MLM as the Red Flags are too obvious!

    While I do have a cryptocurrency wallet, I won’t be investing in this company with any of it.

    Also, thank you for your offer of the free 5 training training along with the free website as it looks like a much better option for earning an income online.

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