Do You Need to Be Smart To Be Rich? [You’ll Be Suprised Of The Answer]

Do you need to be smart to be rich? We are living in a world where everyone dreams of making it big. Often at times, people believe that monetary success only comes to those that have super intelligence.

Guess what? That is not entirely true.

The path to financial success is not only about having high intelligence. In this blog post, I am going to show you that there is more than one route to achieving financial success.

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Going Against All Odds

Let’s start by looking at some real-life examples of people who showed that you do not need to have a degree or a qualification to make it big in the real world.

Let’s take a look at Oprah Winfrey. She did not graduate from college, but she became a huge success. She did attend Tennessee State University for a period of time but left before completing her degree.

Yet she went ahead and pursued a career in media and became a highly influential and successful television host, producer, actress, and philanthropist.

Her determination, talent, and hard work played a significant role in her rise to success, and she is now one of the most well-known and respected figures in the entertainment industry. The key thing to remember is that she did not give up.

Do you need to be smart to get rich, no its important that you have the drive and determination. You should not give up

Another example would be Sir Richard Branson. He founded the Virgin Group.

He dropped out of school at the age of 16 and started his first business venture, a magazine called “Student.”

He had his hands in various industries such as music, airlines, telecommunications, and more.

He had the ability to come up with refreshing ideas, and take risks, and his business acumen played a vital role in his success.

Now, let’s talk about what it takes to survive the ever-changing challenges of our times and become an online success.

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What to Do When Things Start Changing For The Worse? Push Forward Or Pull Back

Things are always changing in our lives. And when circumstances change in our lives that test us and make us comfortable, how do we react?

We can either let it get the better of us, or we can overcome it and face it head on and come out as the winner.

Like the famous quote by Charles Darwin…

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

That’s what successful people do, they adapt. Let’s look at someone like Vera Wang. Initially, she pursued a career in figure skating and was a competitive skater in her youth.

Do you have to be smart to be rich no Vera Wang shows hoe to adapt to become a success

She took part in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and even aimed for a spot on the Olympic team. However, she did not make the team and decided to shift her focus.

At that point, she entered the fashion industry and began working as an editor at Vogue magazine, where she spent 17 years and eventually became the magazine’s senior fashion editor.

During her time at Vogue, Wang developed a deep understanding of fashion and style, which eventually led her to start her own bridal gown design business.

She is now well known for her bridal wear and wedding dress designs. Her brand quickly gained popularity, and she expanded her offerings to include ready-to-wear collections, accessories, fragrances, and more.

It might have been hard for her initially, but if she did not adapt, innovate, and pursue her passions, she would not have been successful today.

Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial To Your Success

How often do we let our emotions get the better of us? Sometimes, we just have to pull-back, and try to control our emotions.

I remember the first big business mistake my wife and I made as a result of not controlling our emotions. It was a very costly one.

We bought a franchise. It was a new brand, and it was aimed at helping children to improve their brain development and IQ.

We were going to teach the kids how to use the Japanese abacus. Anyway, we bought the franchise, and we did not read the business contract properly. We realized when it was too late, that the contract was one-sided, and we ended up losing our hard-earned money by paying excessive amounts of royalties.

All because we based our decisions on our emotions.

This leads to me speaking about Warren Buffett, the renowned investor and business tycoon, who is often praised for his exceptional emotional intelligence(EQ)

Do You Have To be Smart To Get Rich no warren buffet shows how to have a very high emotional intelligence

This EQ played a crucial role in his success as an investor.

Here’s how Warren Buffett utilized emotional intelligence in his investment approach.

He practiced patience and looked at things from a long-term perspective. He was able to stay calm when trades were not going as well as they should.

He detached himself from whatever the public’s opinion was, and as a result, was able to make decisions based on his analysis and research rather than from the emotional side.

When the storms are high, he remained calm. This allowed him to see opportunities whilst other people were panicking.

He makes rational decisions based on facts and data. And he does not beat himself up when he fails at something. Instead, he looks at failures as learning opportunities.

The bottom line is that Warren Buffett’s emotional intelligence has played a significant role in his ability to remain level-headed, make informed decisions, and maintain a consistent and successful investment approach throughout his career.

Having The Right Tools Makes All The Difference

It’s true that having the right tools to do the job will make a difference. But there is no point in having the right tools if you do not have the right training to use the tools.

And that is why many people do not succeed. They are not taught the right way to use the right tools.

If you want to be a successful online marketer, then you need the right tools.

Let’s say that you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business. You need a way to first start building your brand.

There are social media channels, Youtube, or even a website you can get. You can get all of them for FREE. But it’s all useless if you do not have the training on how to build content to become an online presence that will attract your target audience.

Am I right?

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Having A Mentor- Is a Gamechanger

You have it seen in movies. Mr. Miyagi is my favorite example of a mentor. Someone who is there to show you the way. Someone who has your best interest at heart.

Having a mentor is a very important resource that will help you to become rich.

Yes, it might be expensive. The alternative is to join an online community forum with like-minded people who help each other and motivate each to reach their goals.

One such community is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have used them since 2015. They have always been there to support me in my online journey and helped me keep abreast of the latest changes in the online world.

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Overcoming Self Doubt

When you are on your online journey, and things are not going your way, self-doubt starts to creep in.

Thoughts such as “you are not worthy of it”, or overthinking that ‘my audience does not like my content…” goes through your mind.

At that point, you should remind yourself that you are putting everything you got into it. It’s just a matter of time. So keep going.

Imposter syndrome is very common, where an online entrepreneur doubts his skills and accomplishments.

So apart from self-doubt, one can feel the fear of failure, ignore positive feedback, overwork, and try to get things perfect, becoming an inner critic and comparing themselves to others.

You can overcome this by

  • Acknowledging one’s achievements(and rewarding themselves for getting there)
  • Understand that failure is the stepping stone to success
  • Reach out to mentors or community forums
  • Challenge negative thoughts

Balancing Your Intelligence and Your Drive

At the end of the day, it’s really not so much dependent on how smart you are to become rich. Your success depends on how badly you want to become rich, and what you are willing to do to get it.

Think of it as a combo deal – intelligence, ambition, and determination. That’s the recipe for a life that’s both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Conclusion- Do You Need To Be Smart To Be Rich

As you can see it’s not a straightforward answer.

Sure, being smart helps, but it’s not the only ticket to the VIP section.

You got to embrace change and adapt when necessary. Learn new skills, be emotionally savvy, and surround yourself with people who are already rich.

If you want to become a successful online affiliate marketer, then associate yourself with the company of affiliate marketers.

Your journey to wealth is a blend of these ingredients, unique to you.

Trust yourself, take a leap, and let’s watch your success story unfold.

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Your future is waiting – let’s make it shine!

It was awesome to speak to you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success.

Regards and Take Care


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  1. I love this post. I especially like that you’ve given example of people who dropped out of college, but still made it big, like Oprah Winfrey. Yes, you do need some degree of intelligence, but I think the most critical component to success is one’s drive. In other words, you have to really want something more than anything else in the world. You are then motivated to make it happen – overcome any obstacle in your path. What all successful people have in common is that they wanted success more than anything else. I love that in your article, you provide affiliate marketing as the best path to owning your own online business and the tools for people to succeed. It is working for me.

    • I am so thrilled that affiliate marketing is working well for you. Yes, you are right if one has a strong drive to achieve something, they would not stop even if times are tough.

      By the way, if you need a hand with any aspect of your affiliate marketing business, just give me a shout.
      See you around.
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