Solarium.World Review – 5 Red Flags You Need To Know!

Welcome to my review. Is a scam or a legit business opportunity? There is a switch to using alternative sources of energy. Solar energy is a trending topic, and it sounds even more exciting if one makes money from this industry.

The official website states that you can earn a daily income of 1.8% of your investment, as well as investment from folks you invite to join your downline.

Does that sound like might be a scam? Let me highlight the 5 main red flags of this opportunity before you decide to join this business.

Congratulations on taking the time to do the research before you go all in. It shows that you are someone who will not accept things at face value. That’s a good thing. Well done to you!

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Is There A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Yes, there is! I got proof it works!

What is Solarium.World All About?

Solarium is marketed as a business opportunity that offers “clean energy” alternatives as their main flagship products.

The mission of the Solarium company is to become a “worldwide distributor of clean solar energy” for everyone.

Why invest in What are they offering?

According to information gathered from their downloadable pdf, non-renewable sources such as oil will be exhausted in terms of supply within the time to come.

Other non-renewable sources such as hydroelectricity depend largely on rainfall. For this reason, it can be considered an unreliable source taking into account the erratic climate change in certain countries.

By investing in solar energy alternatives or the company, you are investing in a renewable energy source. As long as the sun is out, your solar panels will be absorbing the energy and the system will convert this energy into alternating current or electricity.

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Who Is The Founder of Solarium.World?

There is no founder on record. However, there is an acting CEO of Solarium. He goes by the name of Morilo Torres.

According to LinkedIn, Morilo served as a Senior Project Manager at a company called Energi Flow from Feb 2016 – May 2018.

Morilo holds qualifications from the London Business School and Coimbra Business School.

How To Join Solarium. com

You cannot join directly with the company. You need sponsor details to become a Solarium member.

Once you have this information then registration is pretty much easy.

You need to create your own username and verify your e-mail address, and then you are all good to go!

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How To Make Money With Solarium. World?

The two ways in which you can make money with the Solarium business opportunity are via :

  1. Buying products (and earning interest from them)
  2. Recruiting people and earning from their purchases

Let’s first take a look at some of their products.

The Solarium. World Flagship Products

Note: There are no physical or standalone products that you can profit from.

You can invest in one of the Solarium investment packages and earn an ROI on them.

They have 6 packages starting from $25 all the way up to $2000.

Solarium Investment packages. Are the Solarium Products really worth it

Let’s say that you buy the $25 solar investment package. You can earn $9.90 per month. If you buy the $2,000 pack, you can potentially earn $792 per month.

You can only earn from Monday to Friday at their flat rate of 1.8% daily. Furthermore, if you want to make a deposit, you can only do so using either digital dollar or bitcoin.

The Solarium.World Compensation Plan- Get Paid For Recruiting!

If you want to earn more money, then you can focus on recruiting your family and friends. Get them to join your team and you can earn binary bonuses, referral bonuses, and indirect bonuses.

Binary Bonus

The binary bonus is 10% of the total value of the investment made by your team. They calculate which leg within your binary tree has accumulated the least amount of points. review the solarium compensation plan

In the image above, the lesser leg has 700 points. So, they would pay you 10% of 700 points which would be $70.

NOTE: The first two people who are placed on the left and right sides of the binary tree, do not qualify you for any commissions. You only earn from the third person(and onwards) who joins your team.

Referral Bonus

You get a 10% bonus on anyone who joins via your referral link, and purchases a package.

Indirect Bonus

You can receive a bonus on all the referrals that your direct referrals bring into the company. This goes up to 4 levels deep. review indirect bonus compensation plan

Earning with the Solarium.World Career Plan

There are nine rank levels that you can ascend to within the company. These are based on achieving a certain amount of points within a certain rank level.

As you will notice below, that from level three, you also have to have a certain number of direct affiliates to qualify.

  • SOLAR ONE: 2,500 points, Earn $50
  • SOLAR TWO: 10,000 points, Earn $200
  • SOLAR THREE: 50,000 points, Earn $1,000 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar2 each side)
  • SOLAR FOUR: 200,000 points, Earn $3,500 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar3 each side)
  • SOLAR FIVE: 500,000 points, Earn $8,000 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar4 each side)
  • SOLAR SIX: 1.250 000 points, Earn $15,000 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar5 each side)
  • SOLAR SEVEN: 5.000 000 points Earn $75,000 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar6 each side)
  • SOLAR PRIME: 15.000 000 points Earn $250 000 (must have 1 direct affiliate solar7 each side)
  • SOLAR INFINITE: 50.000 000 points Earn $1 000 000(must have 1 direct affiliate solar8 each side

As you can see, you have to work extremely hard at recruiting people to earn higher paychecks.

5 Red Flags Of Solarium.World

Red Flag Number One: No Owner Transparency

There is no one to stand responsible for this company. They have an Instagram account that has 131 posts and around 5600 followers. However, not one of them reveals who the owners of the are.

The only information is of a certain Mr.Morilo Torres who is the current CEO. This information is also not made readily available on their website. You have to download the PDF in order to learn this info.

Red Flag Nr.2: Recent Domain Name

The domain is not an old domain name. It was bought recently. The domain name is only one year old. It was registered on the 3rd of December 2021. review red flag number two. The other reason why solarium is a scam, the site was registered only a year ago

Red Flag Nr.3: Not registered with any regulatory authority

As per their compensation plan, they have a multi-level marketing-type payment plan in place. They offer a passive income-earning opportunity. (You can earn in two ways, as described earlier)

As such, this is regarded as a securities offering. Therefore, the company needs to be registered with the necessary authorities to carry out these business functions.

As we speak the company is not regulated by any company.

Red Flag Nr.4: The Membership Area is Not User-Friendly

There are no tutorials on how to go about purchasing Solarium packages. There also are not many, if any ways to contact their support team when you want to get started with your business.

Red Flag Nr.5: No Refund Policy or Money-Back Guarantee

Most sites would have a “terms and conditions,” section.

This is where one could get a better idea of the company’s policies. Especially, if you are going to invest your money, you would want to know if there is a cooling-off period or money-back guarantee.

There are no terms and conditions to be found on their site.

It might be easy to put your money in, but I suspect that getting your money out, would be a different story altogether.

Bonus Red Flag NR.6: There is no Income Disclosure Statement

Without an income disclosure report, it’s very hard to determine how the existing members are performing within the organization.

I have reviewed MLM ventures such as Velovita, DreamTrips, and OneHope Wine. They all have income disclosure reports.

One of the most common highlights of these income disclosure reports reveals that the majority of the members do not go past the first rank.

That means that it’s hard(but not impossible) to build an MLM business. You have to do lots of recruiting, and you need your team to do the same.

Are People Happy With Solarium.World?

There are no member testimonials on the official site. However, the company scored a low ranking on

Are people happy with At, they scored a very low rating of 3 out of 5 stars

50% of the reviews were 1 out of 5 stars. Folks have complained that their accounts were frozen, and they were unable to retrieve their investment. They also could not get a hold of anyone at support to resolve their issues. review. It is a scam , lots of complaints from customers

Pros of Solarium. World

  1. They have some member testimonials

Folks have made money with the company. Here are a couple of success stories from their Instagram account. review pros of solarium is that they have some success stories

Cons of Solarium.World

  1. No Income Disclosure Report
  2. No owner transparency
  3. The site is new
  4. No regulation with the necessary authorities
  5. Have to recruit to earn the higher paychecks
  6. Lots of complaints

Is Solarium.World a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Is a Ponzi Scheme?

According to, a Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from recent investors.

The only thing that stops me from calling a Ponzi scheme is the fact that they have product packages where one can earn a small ROI.

Higher paychecks can be earned by recruiting people. If the focus becomes solely on the recruiting side then I would call it a Ponzi.

Is a Scam?

The company is new. They promise a lot, yet they have no owner transparency. They are not regulated by any authority, and they cannot guarantee your investment or even offer any cooling-off period or money-back policy.

What about the proof of earnings from members?

They may be legit. But it does not mean it will last forever.

Initially, there might be positive stories. But when a company without decent owner credentials has made enough money from their investors, they can easily shut down the whole operation.

In fact, they can run the scheme for years, and one-day, close down everything. Remember, they are asking you to invest using Bitcoin, which makes them untraceable.

The sad part is the “newer investors” will stand out to lose the most should this happen.

MY VERDICT: I would not recommend this business opportunity.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Solarium.World review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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  1. So glad that you talked about solar energy investments scams! In France, we had a lot of these, and many people still believe in these so-called opportunities. Also, I found the red flags you quoted really alarming. If they proposed an investment solution and you’re not registered with any regulatory authority, I only have one word: RUN!


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