Why Is Affiliate Marketing Best for Students?[6 Top Reasons!]

If you are in varsity or college and you are looking to start a side hustle, I salute you.

It’s an awesome step to take.

If you play your cards properly, then you can have an income stream that will support you even after you qualify.

Who knows that it might be a bigger money earner than your degree.

Sounds impossible? Not at all.

I am a qualified pharmacist. I am now an online affiliate marketer. So, if you are asking why affiliate marketing is best for students, I am going to show you 6 solid reasons why.

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Why Is Affiliate Marketing Best For Students?

Here are 7 reasons why affiliate marketing is best for students

1 Low-cost way to start your own online business

2. No need to go out and recruit people

3. You do not need the expertise to get started

4. Flexibility – you can work it on whilst you are studying. Free time during holidays and so forth

5. It’s a booming industry to get into

6. Great way to learn about passive income earning

Let’s talk about the above 6 reasons in a bit more detail.

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6 Reasons Why Students Should Start An Online Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. It’s Affordable To Start Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to start an affiliate marketing business?

Let me give you an idea.

Firstly, you will need a good computer and an internet connection.

Then your 2nd major expense would be the cost of your affiliate marketing education. I can guarantee you it’s way cheaper than your varsity studies.

I would suggest that you pay for decent and up-to-date training. The two platforms that I would recommend are Invincible Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate.

Both of them are under $70 each a month! (You do NOT need to join both of them)

Why affiliate marketing is best for students. Affiliate marketing is affordable

The rest of the cost of your business would depend on the PATH you want your business to go in.

You can run your entire business from your phone. You can create FaceBook or Instagram reels. Or you can do TikTok or Pinterest videos. If you have more time away from your studies, you can do YouTube videos. It’s FREE to do social media marketing.

To learn affiliate marketing this way, I would recommend Invincible Marketer.

Can you do affiliate marketing without a following? Sure, you can. That is by blogging.

You create blogs and learn how to get them ranked on Google and other search engines. This is actually the method that I would recommend you start with.

I wish that someone had shown me this business model back when I was in varsity. But hey, guess better late than never, right?

To do this sort of affiliate marketing, you need to buy your own domain name and have good hosting. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate(WA) here. The only additional expense is the price of your domain name which is like $13 a year! (everything else is covered in the WA membership, hosting, training, etc)

The third expense is when your business is starting to take off, and you need to create a marketing funnel and e-mail service to build relationships with your clients. This would cost $15-$20.

As you can see, it’s not that expensive to start your online business.

2. You Do Not Have To Do Any Recruiting

This is NOT an MLM(multi-level marketing) business like Velovita or DreamTrips. You do not have to recruit people to earn higher paychecks.

Let’s face it, as a student, do you even have the time to go out asking people to join your business or buy your product?

With affiliate marketing, you can write a blog post, or do a social media video, and ANYONE, from ANYWHERE in the world can visit and buy from your business.

3. You Do Not Need To Be an Expert

You do not need to be technically minded to start affiliate marketing. You do not need to know any special coding.

The business model is fairly simple to understand. In practice, it’s also not very hard to implement.

You will find that the process gets easier as you do it more often.

The key is to be CONSISTENT, and you can and will make it a success.

4. It’s a Flexible Business Model

You can do your business around your study schedule.

Whenever time permits, you can invest it into the building of your business. If you got 30 minutes after a day’s lecture, or maybe during the holidays, you can work on your business.

THE KEY TO REMEMBER: Once you built that solid foundation, nobody can take that away from you. You just have to work at it, and it will start gaining momentum.

5. Affiliate Marketing is a Booming Industry

Affiliate marketing is not going to be slowing down any time soon. According to demandsage.com. the industry is worth $17 billion as of 2023!

This shows that affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry

Rest assured, you are not getting into a business that will become obsolete in a few years

6. Passive Income Stream

Having an affiliate marketing business is a great way to build a passive income stream.

Initially, you will be doing all the hard work.

However, once your business starts to gain traction and the search engines start trusting your blogs, your website will be exposed to a larger audience.

This brings in more leads and more sales. It’s a great way to have “money work for you.”

Once you know this formula is working, you simply spend more time on what is working, or duplicate the process and start another niche-related affiliate marketing business.

WARNING: With all the money rolling in, you may even consider dropping out of college. (It’s actually not a bad problem to have, mind you. lol)


There you have it. Why is affiliate marketing best for students? You now know 6 good reasons why.

You might be wondering where is the best place to start your affiliate marketing business. I mentioned two of the training platforms that I joined and tested and got good results from.

Feel free to check them out, or alternatively, click on the link that follows to learn more.

I hope that this article has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you Tons of Success in both Your Studies and Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Regards and Take Care



Build Your Online Business With This FREE 5-Day Training!

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